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Nirvana by Natalie M. was established in 2005 by Natalie M. Maye.  The company was founded in the spirit of health and harmony, incorporating Natalie’s philosophy that nature provides an abundance of wholesome resources to nourish and heal humankind. 

Our gift ensembles are individually created to make people feel good.  We use only high-quality products—even down to the wrapping and bows—to ensure that both the giver and the recipient are pleased. 

Nirvana by Natalie M. skin products are made with only 100% all natural ingredients, guaranteed.  We use ingredients imported from all over the world to ensure that each butter, oil, and scrub has pure healing properties.

Our company is about nourishing spirits.  Through the comfort of herbs and the joy of gifts, we aim to provide our clients with memorable experiences that will compel them to shop with us again.






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